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Regulatory update: Alberta’s new roadside worker safety rules take effect Sept. 1

New road safety rules are coming into force to protect roadside workers Alberta this week. With the new regulations coming into effect on September 1st, there will be a heightened focus on protecting workers on roadways, especially in industries like heavy logging. These regulations emphasize the "Slow Down, Move Over"…

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Why is Preventing Damage to Underground Facilities Important?

Damage to underground facilities related to ground disturbance is a crucial issue in Canada. Underground facilities are essential to our everyday lives; most areas in Canada rely on them to…
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What are Ground Disturbance Hazards?

Ground disturbance hazards are all around us, from your backyard to a commercial construction site. Any type of activity that disturbs the ground (like digging) can expose an underground hazard.…
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Ground Disturbance Level II® Now Available in Manitoba

Ground Disturbance Training and why it’s important The Canadian Common ground Alliance’s 2019 DIRT Report suggests that there were more than 48 damages per workday, and that damage to buried…
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Danatec by We Know Training Releases Ground Disturbance Level II® – British Columbia Course in Partnership with Global Training Centre

Danatec by We Know Training and Global Training Centre are pleased to launch a new approved supervisory-level online Ground Disturbance training course for British Columbia (BC) as an addition to…
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The Importance of Ground Disturbance Training

Ground disturbance training is designed to protect workers in environments where hazards may arise through any form of ground disturbance. The online Ground Disturbance Supervisor Training provided through Danatec by…
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Danatec Updates Ground Disturbance Supervisor Training to meet 2019 Standard Amendments

Danatec by We Know Training is excited to announce changes made to the Ground Disturbance Supervisor Training course in compliance with the 2019 Ground Disturbance 201 Standard. Produced through the…
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Update from the Training Sector

May Quarterly Update  It was a busy and successful first quarter in our Safety line of business as we continued to provide industry leading safety solutions to new and existing…
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What’s your safety pledge?

"We're in the business of sending you home safely" Danatec has been the leader in WHMIS and TDG training for over 33 years. Since then we've grown our offerings and made new…
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