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Ground Disturbance Level II® Now Available in Manitoba

Ground Disturbance Training and why it’s important

The Canadian Common ground Alliance’s 2019 DIRT Report suggests that there were more than 48 damages per workday, and that damage to buried assets is estimated to have costed over 1.2 billion dollars in Canada alone.

How can you help prevent damage and keep your teams safe?

Our best-selling online Ground Disturbance Level II® is the training solution that has helped to save money and helped to keep workers safe. From January to July of this year, our Ground Disturbance courses helped to train over 2,500 workers.

Our courses offer learners a modern, engaging visual experience. Featuring realistic and interactive 3D animated scenarios. It is an immersive exercise which puts YOU in the shoes of the Ground Disturbance Supervisor and helps you to build the skills and knowledge needed to lead a project to a safe and successful outcome. If you’re in Alberta, you can take advantage of our optional LearnerVerified technology, so you can be assured that learner fraud is non-existent.

With our Ground Disturbance courses, not only will you gain a full understanding of industry best practices to help prevent damage, jurisdictional-specific regulations and their best practices. You’ll have the confidence that you and your team have endorsed training with a certificate that is valid for your worksite.

Our Ground Disturbance Level II course is endorsed to the ABCGA’s, BCCGA’s, and MCGA‘s Ground Disturbance 201 Standards. Each of these courses have successfully completed their full endorsement audit in 2021, so you can feel confident that the training content is accurate, reliable, and consistent with the best practices and regulations used today. Visit our course page to invest in the endorsed training that applies to you!

If you’re outside BC, AB or MB, which Ground Disturbance course is for you?

Our Ground Disturbance – Best Practices course was developed for construction workers, general labourers, equipment operators, and anybody involved in ground disturbances, who are not located in a region with CCGA endorsement. This course contains the same engaging 3D animated scenarios and teaches the same industry accepted best practices found in our endorsed training.

Interested in what our ground disturbance training looks like? Take our free micro-learning: Do You Know What’s Below?  Keep your work sites safe by always clicking before you dig, by following all safe work practices, and by making sure you take the best ground disturbance training available!

If you’d like more information on custom courses or need to make a bulk purchase, email us or call 1-800-465-3366 today.



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