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Training Spotlight: Ground Disturbance Training for Dig Safe Month

In the safety world, April is always an opportunity to spotlight Dig Safe Month and shed light on the critical role of proper ground disturbance training. Good ground disturbance training goes a long way in preventing damage to underground infrastructure, and ensuring the safety of those involved in digging projects.

According to the 2022 Canadian Common Ground Alliance DIRT Report, more than 42.4 damages occur per workday across Canada. This alarming statistic highlights the significant risks associated with ground disturbances, and underscores the need for proper training and awareness. In 2022 alone, there were a total of 10,636 reported damages nationwide, and the reality is that the actual number could be much higher. The cost of these incidents is staggering, surpassing an estimated $1 billion annually.

How Can Danatec Help?

At Danatec, we are committed to providing top-notch training that equips individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct ground disturbances safely and responsibly.

Danatec and Global Training Centre’s Ground Disturbance Level II® training stands out as a comprehensive program endorsed by three provincial damage prevention organizations: the British Columbia Common Ground Alliance, Utility Safety Partners, and the Manitoba Common Ground Alliance. This endorsement speaks to the quality and relevance of our training in meeting industry standards, up-to-date regulatory requirements, and ensuring optimal safety outcomes.

Ground Disturbance Level II® is specifically designed for ground disturbance supervisors, equipment operators, and individuals tasked with creating ground disturbances independently. For operational-level workers who work under supervision, Ground Disturbance Level I® is also approved by Utility Safety Partners and is applicable to workers across Canada.

What’s New in Ground Disturbance Training?

Does your team operate in multiple provinces? With a valid Ground Disturbance Level II® certification, learners now can purchase secondary provincial training add-on modules at half price, enhancing their skills and qualifications and obtaining full certification in multiple provinces. Multiple certifications are also offered in bundles, for those who are not currently certified.

To make this critical training accessible to a broader audience, our Ground Disturbance Best Practices training and Ground Disturbance Level I® training are now available in French. The French-language feature is contained within the training itself, allowing learners to toggle between languages for an optimal training experience.

We have also added to our popular handbook suite, and we’re now offering Ground Disturbance Handbooks that serve as invaluable on-site resources for workers. These handbooks provide quick access to essential information, reinforcing best practices and safety protocols during ground disturbances.

Commitment to Damage Prevention

As we observe Dig Safe Month in April, let’s reaffirm our commitment to prioritizing safety in ground disturbances and do our part for damage prevention. By choosing endorsed training programs like those offered by Danatec and utilizing resources such as our handbooks, we can mitigate risks, prevent damage, and ensure the well-being of workers and underground infrastructure. Let’s dig safely, responsibly, and collaboratively to build a safer and more resilient future.

Learn more about our Ground Disturbance courses here, or contact for course inquiries.

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