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Grim 20s A black and white photograph of construction workers working at heights with no fall arrest protection.
The Evolution of Canadian Fall Arrest Safety

Quick Navigation Where Did Fall Arrest Begin?The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and SafetyWorking From Heights in 2020 When talking about fall arrest safety, the first image that most often comes to mind is that of early 20th century construction workers, dangling at great heights in perilous working conditions. Construction workers in the early 1900’s found

Articles A female road workers in a hard hat and safety vest smiles while holding a clipboard
What is WHMIS Training?

Easily identifying and understanding hazardous materials in your everyday life and in the workplace can be the difference between living a healthy and safe life or…

TDG A truck driver shifts gears with one hand on the steering wheel.
What is TDG Certification?

Our Mission The Transportation of Dangerous goods requires workers to be adequately trained and to fully understand the dangers of their work environment in order to…