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Danatec by We Know Training launches NORM Training

As a dedicated leader in the safety and training industry, Danatec by Yardstick Training is happy to announce the launch of three Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) courses.

The three courses made available to learners vary in length and allow for the most comprehensive learning experience based on each individual participant’s needs.

Danatec by Yardstick Training remains committed to providing online training designed to protect employers and employees in Canada.

What is NORM?

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials training teaches participants about long-lived radioactive elements of interest including uranium, thorium, and potassium, as well as any of their radioactive decay products, such as radium and radon.

The concentration of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials may increase to higher concentrations as the result of human activities. Following NORM training course participants will understand how the processing of raw materials by resource-based industries may increase the concentration of radioactive substances to levels where special precautions are needed to safely deal with those materials.

Under Canadian Provincial Radiation Protection Acts and Occupational Health and Safety laws employers must provide workers information related to potential hazards in the workplace, including exposure to NORM. Employers must identify their employees responsibilities, type of radiation exposure, protection principles, detection devices, as well as any associated NORM health hazards.

Several industries are susceptible to elevated NORM concentrations. These industries include, but are not limited to:

  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Tunneling and Underground Work
  • Metal Recycling and Production
  • Mining and Mineral Extraction
  • Water Treatment

Danatec by Yardstick Training offers three versions of Norm Training: NORM Awareness Online Training, NORM Worker Online Training and Advanced NORM Online Training. Each course varies in length and scope.

Why is it Important to have NORM Training?

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material training is designed to protect employers and employees who may come into contact with potentially hazardous materials in their workplace.

After completing Danatec by Yardstick Training’s Advanced NORM Online Training, learners will:

  • Know when and why NORM is a workplace concern
  • Become familiar with NORM detection equipment
  • Know the NORM PPE requirements for different work scenarios
  • Know important NORM procedures and how/where to implement them
  • Know the proper characterization, management, and disposal of NORM waste

The Advanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials Training is comprised of three modules, designed to ensure participants are knowledgeable about NORM principles and safety procedures.

Module 1 is the NORM Awareness Training where the learner is provided a basic overview of what NORM is, its hazards, and how to protect themselves.

Module 2 is the NORM Worker Training, which covers basic safe work practices, including what PPE to use and what procedures should be implemented.

Module 3 informs the learner how to manage NORM. Detection equipment, PPE requirements, procedures, transportation, and waste management are addressed.

After completing the NORM Worker Online Training, learners will know:

  • Common NORM collection points in the oil & gas industry
  • The difference between NORM exposures from sealed and unsealed equipment
  • Typical PPE requirements for the different NORM areas
  • Basic NORM procedures and how to prevent the spread of contamination
  • Signage
  • NORM areas and flagging
  • Tagging equipment
  • Sealing open equipment
  • Frisking of tools for contamination
  • Frisking of workers for contamination
  • Decontamination of workers
  • Basic radiation hygiene

After completing NORM Awareness Online Training, learners will:

  • Know what NORM is and where it comes from
  • Be aware of natural and manmade radiation exposures
  • Be aware of NORM found/produced in the Oil and Gas industry
  • Know basic types of radiation emitted by NORM
  • Distinguish the difference between internal and external radiation hazards
  • Recognize how to protect themselves from NORM
  • Describe the potential biological effects radiation can have on NORM workers
  • Recognize the different dose limit categories

Danatec by Yardstick Training is proud to partner with ALARA Consultants Inc. to provide industry leading online naturally occurring radioactive materials training designed to protect employers and employees in Canada.

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