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Wearable Electrical Incident Prevention

Jim Pollard

Introducing Proxxi band, the first ever smart wearable alerting device that protects workers by sensing when they get too close to energized conductors and circuit parts. The first and only personal safety device worn directly on a worker’s wrist that can prevent an electrical contact incident. It notifies the wearer by vibration when they get too close to danger, and helps reinforce the limits of approach.


Currently, there are no ambient, connected, always-on devices used to detect electricity. Proxxi provides another layer of personal protection to further reduce the risk from electrical hazards of shock and arc flash.


Invented by a Vancouver based start-up in 2015. Earlier, BC Hydro had requested innovative solutions using a wearable device that would help to prevent electrical contact injuries and breaches of limits of approach. Proxxi was developed using input from the electrical utility, who wanted a small unobtrusive device designed to be warn much like a watch, providing silent protection to the wearer. As soon as the worker nears the limits of approach, they’re reminded by Proxxi, which vibrates on their wrist letting them know that they need to slow down and reassess their situation.

Launch Date

Commercial evaluation units of Proxxi band are launching in October 2017. For more information on the product launch visit Launch was delayed (from May 2017) to make improvements to the form factor, sensor, algorithm, mobile app and reporting features.


The Proxxi band app is available for iOS and Android devices. Proxxi band can be used as a standalone personal safety device or in a networked environment. How you choose to use the data is up to you! Targeted at any worker at risk of electrical contact injury, Proxxi band is a device that provides piece of mind and visibility through connected monitoring and insights into employee safety.

Example Use Case

The initial use case during product development was focused on detecting energized power lines. Workers near power lines will receive notification at both warning and breach levels. Notification is provided by vibration (haptic) alert. With gloves, sleeves, and other PPE, haptic feedback is required to ensure notification.

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Are you interested to learn more about Proxxi band? Contact us for pricing details and to stay informed as the product rolls out. We specialize in connecting Employers with the best available products and services so their workers are safe and compliant.

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