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Top 10 questions to ask before starting a new job

When it comes to safety, knowledge is power. Young and new workers should be encouraged to ask questions about workplace safety, even if they feel they’re asking something that might be obvious. Before tackling a new job, be sure to get answers to these questions:

1. What are the hazards of this job?
2. Will I be working with equipment or machinery that could put me at risk for injury?
3. What safety training will I receive?
4. Will I need personal protective equipment (PPE)? If so, will it be provided to me or must I purchase it?
5. What’s the company’s fire safety program?
6. What do I do if I find myself in a violent situation?
7. Who should I talk to if I don’t understand how to perform one of my job’s tasks?
8. How do I recognize and report unsafe conditions?
9. What do I do if I’m injured on the job?
10. What’s my role in the company’s safety program?

A safe workplace is a team effort. If you’re an experienced worker, speak up if you observe young workers committing unsafe acts or failing to wear appropriate PPE. If it appears that your young co-worker has not received adequate training or hasn’t understood it, tell a supervisor. And set a good example. Show new workers the right way to perform a job: The safe way.

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