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The Future of eLearning

Building a better eLearning experience

Online learning has exploded in popularity and is the go-to source for training for companies looking to keep their employees up-to-date in a digital world. The eLearning industry has grown 900% since 2000.

At Danatec, we’ve won awards for our online training and safety materials, but we’re not happy sitting on our laurels. To continue being an industry leader it also means being innovative and leading with industry firsts.

How is the next generation of learner going to learn best? How is technology going to continue to evolve in a way that makes training better? How does this apply to me and my company and how am I going to train my employees in the best manner possible?

These are the questions we ask ourselves every day at Danatec.

Today’s training environment is full of choice – Online Training, In-Class Training, Blended Training and self-paced, paper-based training are all options. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. And, not everything is best suited for each environment. Finding out what to deliver and how is as complex a question as understanding all the generations of learners we can have in one room, at one time. How to reach them and teach them is key to long-term success.

Traditionally online training has been a less expensive option and seemingly easier to implement. But with the state of old, inefficient, complex and multi-version Learning Management Systems (LMS), is it really? Is it recognized, regulated and built with an adult learner in mind? How do we know if the content being delivered is what the learner needs? How do we know if the exam given will prove competency and become defensible if needed? How do we really know who is taking the course? And how do we manage all these different types of certifications from so many different institutions and private training companies?

Training and certificate fraud is a massive problem in the industry. It’s as big a problem as the out-of-date, poor quality content that we are downloading onto our learners today. Glorified PowerPoint Presentations jammed full of complex regulatory content – is not training. Badly delivered voice-over, and too many “games” or inefficient “learning questions” don’t make people safer or ultimately teach them anything. And if you are dealing with complex topics where practical on-site, hands-on experience is needed, no amount of just “online” will ever be good enough; a blended model needs to be built. Why are we accepting bland, hard to use, inefficient training?

Because there hasn’t been a better option until now. Introducing LearnerVerified, a new system that verifies learner identification to prevent learner fraud and to ensure that our online training is defensible. Danatec continues to be a leader in the safety industry, not only because of the products and services offered, but because we believe in pushing for safety education that ultimately brings the learner home. Learn more about LearnerVerified at

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Find out more about LearnerVerified 

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