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Takeaways from the 2019 Cannabis Summit

Surprising to many, the capital of cannabis consumption in Canada is not British Colombia, but Alberta.

As reported by StatsCan, in the last three months of 2019, consumption continues to be led by Albertans across all of Canada with 21.5% of all cannabis sold going to Alberta. Not surprisingly, one of Western Canada’s premiere cannabis conferences is held in the heart of downtown Calgary.

Cannabis use in the past three months in 2019

The Canadian Cannabis Summit was held on May 30 to June 1 at the Downtown Marriott Hotel. The first conference in Western Canada to bring together medical and therapeutic professionals, policy makers and law enforcement, investment and business strategists, innovation, technology and community leaders. It was a seminar and networking fuelled conference.

Cannabis banner before the main trade show room.

For Danatec, the conference was an opportunity to find out who is interested in the cannabis industry and to create networking opportunities with businesses that are aligned with our goal of safety in the workplace. Through the seminars we were able to identify that for many workplaces it was a matter of ‘Fit for Duty’ for employees consuming cannabis. On top of that was a seminar specifically on Cannabis Insurance and Risk Management by Kevin Lea who expounded on the need for companies to mitigate their risk by investing in safety training and protocols.

“I just finished a half-day seminar on safety and the importance of it to companies especially the cannabis industry for insurance purposes,” said Lea after the seminar. “It’s hugely important and insurance companies at the end o the day love to see how your reducing risk which may lead to lower premiums.”

A panel discussing marketing for the Cannabis industry.

The courses for employers and employees such as Danatec’s Cannabis Workplace Safety for Employers and Cannabis Workplace Safety for Employees are a great primer for companies interested in introducing their staff to cannabis safety training. Cannabis companies should be even more vigilant as the optics of staff consuming cannabis without being able to safely and efficiently do their jobs would be harsher than on other companies.

Both Christine Todd, Director of Strategic Accounts and Ron Mycholuk, Business Development Manager attended the Cannabis Summit and were excited with the opportunities that it presented.

“The Cannabis Summit was a great opportunity to meet with regulators, business owners and industry leaders in Cannabis and its support industries,” said Mycholuk. “We connected with people involved in insurance, finance and compliance around Cannabis and there are some excellent opportunities to share ideas, work together and develop training.”

Todd agreed with Mycholuk’s sentiments and added, “It was great to see who attends these conferences and if there was value in the future of us supporting the Cannabis Summit as a sponsor or even presenting in the future.”


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