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What is WHMIS Training?

Easily identifying and understanding hazardous materials in your everyday life and in the workplace can be the difference between living a healthy and safe life or…

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Why You Should Make the Switch to Online Training

Online training for regulated industries is a necessity in the modern world. Online courses save companies money, while allowing easier access to necessary information at the tip of your fingers. Online learning courses are designed to help employers and employees in regulated industries constantly have the necessary information and training needed in their fields.

Update from the Training Sector

May Quarterly Update  It was a busy and successful first quarter in our Safety line of business as we continued to provide industry leading safety solutions…

What’s your safety pledge?

“We’re in the business of sending you home safely” Danatec has been the leader in WHMIS and TDG training for over 33 years. Since then we’ve grown our…

Employers Transitioning to WHMIS 2015

The deadline to become compliant with WHMIS 2015 is approaching. Each federal, provincial, and territorial jurisdiction across Canada has agreed to target a final deadline for…