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See Clearly with Arc Flash PPE

By Jim Pollard

What is a True Color Grey Faceshield?

Oberon True Color Grey (TCG) lens technology allows electrical workers the ability to properly see their work task without compromising their safety. An Oberon TCG lens helps minimize mistakes and eliminates workers having to “lift up” their arc flash protection to see clearly.

Often Imitated Never Duplicated

Oberon competitors now offer a grey arc-rated faceshield and suit hood shield. However Oberon has patented the grey IR dye process that allows for crystal clear lens optics. To understand the differences between Oberon and a competitor’s grey lens, I recommend a side-by-side comparison. What you will find is that Oberon’s TCG lens is optically correct with no cloudiness. Another important characteristic is Oberon’s polycarbonate lens is twice as thick as our competitors. The strength of the shield lens is important for protection from any potential flying debris caused by the arc flash!

Improves Human Performance

Electrical Workers want to see true colors. The difference is like lifting a green veil so you can see colors perfectly. It’s now possible for Electrical Workers to wear adequate arc flash protection and see true colors, greens are green and blues are blue. When arc flash personal protective equipment (PPE) is required it’s important to provide the best available technology for worker compliance, comfort, productivity and overall sense of enjoyment.

Why Grey?

Arc-rated eye & face protective products are constructed with infrared (IR) protection to prevent burn injuries. Typical IR protection is achieved using a green dye. Green products often include yellow dyes to trick a worker’s eyes into seeing more light, however yellow is a primary color. So when looking through a green/yellow lens at certain colors the yellow is filtered out, causing the color to change. Common examples are greens turn blue and blues look green. Oberon TCG lens technology uses grey IR protection which performs as a neutral density filter, allowing colors to be seen clearly.

Oberon TCG Advantage

Oberon first developed its grey IR lens over 5 years ago, allowing for a significant head start compared to any competitors. So as competitors are now finally rolling out their own version of Oberon’s patented technology, we’re already several generations ahead of them. Currently competitors are offering grey shield lens products as part of an arc flash suit hood up to 40 cal/cm. Oberon offers its TCG lens in suit hoods with protection up to 106 cal/cm2. When comparing the products, Oberon’s TCG shield is much clearer at all protection levels.

Oberon TCG lens technology provides better optical clarity that its competitors and is safer than old green/yellow products because of the improvement in worker performance. Human error is the leading cause of arc flash incidents. When electrical workers can see clearly they are less likely to make a mistake that could cause an arc flash. Oberon TCG products provide “always on” protection that allow all visible light including colors to pass through the lens with no distortion.

See Oberon’s website for more product details. Comments and questions are welcomed.


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