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Changes to Part 6 of the TDG Regulations – Training, Assessment and Competency with Tracey Thibeau

As this webinar is only available in English, we will provide a French transcription of the webinar to all clients who require it. Please email us at if you would like a copy of the transcript in French, available after October 21st.

Bien que ce webinaire ne soit disponible qu’en anglais, nous fournirons une transcription en français du webinaire à tous les clients qui en ont besoin. S’il vous plaît écrivez-nous à si vous souhaitez une copie de la transcription en français, disponible après le 21 octobre.

Your Host:

Tracey Thibeau

Senior Safety Consultant
Danatec by Yardstick Training

Webinar Date:



11AM - 11:45AM


Do you have questions or concerns about the proposed changes to the TDG Regulations?

With the public release of the draft “Transportation of dangerous goods training, assessment and competency” on August 26, 2019, Danatec by Yardstick Training saw a clear need to engage our TDG training managers, subject matter experts, instructors and other industry stakeholders in a series of webinars to review the public version of the proposed competency training amendment to the TDG Regulations (Part 6).

Key points that will be covered include

  • Understanding how the proposed changes to Part 6 will impact your company
  • Making an informed decision regarding your current method of training (classroom, online or blended)
  • Speaking confidently with your clients about the proposed Part 6 changes
  • Finding answers to all your training assessment and competency questions
  • What is “general awareness TDG training”, and how is it different from existing TDG training?
  • As an employer, how do I complete function-specific training and assessment for my employees?

Webinar Begins


Registrants also get access to pre-webinar and post-webinar surveys, to gauge the knowledge level of our attendees around the proposed Part 6 changes, and to gather questions that our TDG expert, Tracey Thibeau, can answer during the webinars. The pre-webinar survey is accessible at the time of webinar registration and the post-webinar survey will be emailed to all webinar attendants. There is a draw for a $100 Amazon gift card for webinar participants, accessible through the surveys.

You can also contact our TDG expert, Tracey Thibeau, with any questions by calling 780-298-9544 or through email at

Tracey Thibeau

Tracey represents Danatec by Yardstick Training as a board member on the Canadian General Standards Board, which has drafted the Standard. He is also our TDG and WHMIS instructor for ground, marine and air transport, and a senior safety consultant with over 35 years of experience in the dangerous goods industry as an expert.

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