March 2020 TDG Updates

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​As April begins and the nation continues the fight against COVID-19, our resident TDG expert and member of the CGSB Committee on Transportation of Dangerous Goods Competencies, Tracey Thibeau, weighs in with some key updates from Transport Canada regarding ground transportation of dangerous goods during this pandemic.

Tracey breaks down the information in the following video.

​Tracey Thibeau

"Transport Canada has released two temporary certificates. Pursuant to subsection 31(2.1) of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992 (TDG Act) the Minister may, in the public interest, issue a temporary certificate authorizing any activity to be carried on in a manner that does not comply with the TDG Act."

​As in-person training is not available with social distancing measures across Canada continue, Transport Canada has authorized a temporary certificate (TU0751) for those unable to remain current with TDG training.

However​, Danatec by We Know training​​​ is still able to provide online training for individuals and employers that meets the requirements for certification. This means that businesses looking to keep their employees current and certified throughout this pandemic do not need to sacrifice quality or take on additional liability – our training is up-to-date and always available here:

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​Important information about temporary certificate TU0751: terms and conditions


​The dangerous goods are not handled, offered for transport, transported, or imported by rail tank cars;


​The expired inspection and test markings remain visibly and legibly printed on the means of containment and were valid on February 29, 2020;


​There are no other non-compliances or safety defects with the means of containment;


​The means of containment is inspected and tested at the first available opportunity once inspection and test facilities resume operations; and


​​The means of containment is not subject of any notice of defective construction or recall, or any notice of defective repair or defective testing as per Section 9 of the TDG Act.

For greater certainty, this temporary certificate provides no regulatory relief other than specifically stated herein. Therefore, all other requirements of the TDG Act and the TDG Regulations apply.

This temporary certificate took effect on March 27, 2020. It remains in effect until the earliest of:

  • September 30, 2020, or
  • the day it is cancelled in writing by the Minister of Transport.

During this pandemic, there is also a possibility that drivers may be tasked with transporting live or de-activated COVID-19 virus samples. For more in-depth information about transportation of COVID-19 samples, labs, or cultures, please see this notice from Transport Canada on the transportation of infectious substances.

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​Danatec by We Know Training is committed to guiding our clients and partners through this time of uncertainty by providing the most up-to-date training, information, and consultation.

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