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LearnerVerified: A Better Way Forward

Online proctoring meets automation
Written by Jenson Quon

Tests and exams are part of our daily lives. From K-12, post-secondary, to driver’s examinations and entrance exams, they are inescapable. As technology plays a greater part in facilitating test and exams, online proctoring will grow with it.

But why do we need better technology for online proctoring? What are the risks of learners getting away with taking credit for completed courses they didn’t take? Why do we need learners to prove that they have the correct training?

A recent investigative piece by NBC Channel 4 News, revealed that records show that there have been over 30 deaths in construction accidents in New York city since 2015. The hot construction market has created a demand for more workers, but with the correct safety certifications. Inevitably, this created an environment where workers cut corners in order to get onto the job site, which entails workers seeking out the purchase of fake OSHA cards to prove competency.

This situation is played out in cities across North America as the economy picks up and drives companies to hire qualified workers. Companies don’t want to be liable for untrained and unqualified workers on their job sites. Workers at the end of the day don’t want to be injured and want to get home from a day’s work. Meeting the demand for simple, clear and understandable safety training has always been Danatec’s strong suit.

Danatec has been training workers and learners of all backgrounds and ages for over 33 years. We’re an industry leader and leaders don’t sit on their laurels. Tackling the issue of learner fraud and fraudulent credentials we’re excited to announce LearnerVerified, the first truly defensible online proctoring with live, online identification and monitoring of the candidate taking the course or exam. Along with parent company Yardstick Software Inc., we’re invested in bringing learners home safe and businesses the qualified workers they’re looking for.

The Key Benefits of LearnerVerified:

  • Multi-Factor Verification – LearnerVerified deploys multiple factors of verification include verifying the learner’s face and photo ID are a match, keyboard biometrics, and micro-moments where the learner’s attendance might be suspect.
  • Zero Integration – LearnerVerified works with any SCORM compliant LMS or eLearning authoring tool with drag and drop setup.
  • Democratized Certification – Once a certification is earned, the Learner has limited ability to share their competency with the world. LearnerVerified automatically publishes each course in its Credential Manager app, allowing a tradesman to show his new site foreman his credentials digitally rather than fumbling to find his paper card.
  • Insurance & Legal Defense – All eventful images are stored and kept safe for retrieval. Should a work/academic accident/fraud occur/be challenged in the future, your evidentiary trail can be reviewed to defend any claim of Learner engagement and fulfillment

For more information on LearnerVerified, visit or call 1-800-465-3366 to find out more. Training Managers may also receive free credits towards courses to see if LearnerVerified is right for them.

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