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July Quarterly Report – Update from the Guard Training Sector

Ron Mycholuk, Sector Leader

July Quarterly Report

Since the last quarter, Guard Training continues to grow in the number of individuals selecting us as their designated Guard Training provider. Since the May Quarterly update we’ve jumped in the number of individuals trained.

To ensure that we are the leaders in the Guard Training sector we are focused on providing expert content that is helpful and useful to our learners. We’re also updating our website with dedicated resources for new Canadians and job seekers to help them get the training they need and the license required to become a security guard.

I’m very proud to announce that our Mental Health Awareness and De-Escalation Training Course was delivered through 4 sessions to various members of Global Affairs Canada who service Canadian Embassies all over the world by our very own Yasmeen Krameddine.

We continue to work with new Canadian associations, employment and training agencies and government bodies to help people get the training they need to become licensed security guards. Our goal for the next quarter is to continue to offer excellent customer service, additional value to our learners and to get testimonials that really promote what we are doing as a company.

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