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Have you purchased a TDG Act and Regulations Binder recently?

By Tracey Thibeau, CSS

Transport Canada has made seven (7) amendments to the TDG Act and Regulations since 02 July 2014.  As per section 6.1 (2) (a) Training of the TDG Regulations, the employer must not direct or allow an employee to handle, offer for transport or transport dangerous goods unless the employee is adequately trained and holds a valid training certificate.  This training certificate expires for transport by road vehicle, a railway vehicle or vessel 36 months after its date of issuance and transport by aircraft, 24 months after its date of issuance.

A person’s training should be up-to-date with the Regulations, which in turn, incorporate by reference other documents such as the ICAO Technical Instructions (air), the IMDG Code (water) and the Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations (ground).  Consequently, additional training may have to be undertaken if regulatory changes applicable to the person’s duties occur before the training certificate expires.

If you have purchased a copy of Danatec’s TDG Regulations, you can update your binder by downloading a PDF file from our website, then print and replace the revised pages.  The first page of the amendment there will be instructions of which page to replace.  Print the amendment package double-sided, hole-punch the sheets and replace the pages that are outlined in the instructions.

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