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Ground Disturbance Level II – New Endorsement by Utility Safety Partners

This Dig Safe Month, Danatec has an important announcement relating to our industry-leading Ground Disturbance Level II – Alberta course.

On May 16, 2022, any Danatec Ground Disturbance Level II – Alberta wallet certificate that’s issued will look a little different. All training certificates endorsed to the Ground Disturbance 201 Standard (Alberta) will now include an endorsement from Utility Safety Partners (USP), replacing all branding from the former ABCGA.

The Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA) had a significant presence and impact in the province as the endorsing body for supervisory-level ground disturbance training in Alberta for many years. To this point, it had been common industry practice for employers and worksites to require proof of ABCGA endorsed training before a worker is allowed to step on-site. However, with the new endorsement, certificates will now be branded by the USP instead.

Why is this happening?

As of September 2021, Alberta One-Call unified services with the ABCGA and absorbed the “Where’s the Line?” campaign that has delivered overhead powerline safety awareness. Those three organizations are now working together as one to keep Alberta’s people and infrastructure safe. This new entity is named Utility Safety Partners (USP).

Proof of USP Endorsement

The Training Standards Committee (TSC), formerly a critical component of the ABCGA, continues to operate under USP. The TSC identifies, develops, implements, and maintains a suite of training program standards for delivery, including the Ground Disturbance 201 Standard, in which Danatec’s Ground Disturbance Level II programs are endorsed.

What’s changing in Danatec’s training?

As of May 16, 2022, the transition to Utility Safety Partners (USP) from the Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA) will be reflected in Danatec’s Ground Disturbance Level II – Alberta. This also means that a valid, endorsed ground disturbance certificate will now include the USP logo — not the ABCGA logo.

Here is a sample of what a valid Ground Disturbance Level II – Alberta wallet certificate will look like after May 16.

Will current certificates with the ABCGA logo remain valid?

Yes! Certificates issued prior to May 16th that include the ABCGA logo in lieu of the USP logo will remain valid until their expiry date. There is no need to obtain a new certificate or to retake Ground Disturbance Level II – Alberta for those with valid ABCGA endorsed certificates.

Does this affect the endorsed B.C. and Manitoba courses?

Unlike the ABCGA, the British Columbia Common Ground Alliance (BCCGA) and the Manitoba Common Ground Alliance (MCGA) both remain active and are the endorsing bodies for our B.C. and Manitoba specific Ground Disturbance Level II courses. Minor changes will be made within these courses to reflect the change from Alberta One-Call and the ABCGA to USP, but the focus of those courses remains on their applicable provincial associations and one-call centres.

Is anything else changing?

To keep Danatec’s promise of always being current and compliant, all applicable Alberta OH&S updates from December 2021 will be reflected in the training. Sign up for our courses to ensure your workers know the legislative changes that apply to them and how they affect your worksite.

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