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Danatec enters a new phase of rebranding under Yardstick Software Inc.

Calgary, Alberta: Three years ago, Danatec Educational Services Limited joined forces with Yardstick Software Inc. with the goal of becoming the leading market provider of premium safety training. Today, Danatec and Yardstick eLearning and Yardstick Platforms further unite under a single organization – Yardstick Training.

The vision of this new entity is to become the premier training provider in regulated spaces in the world. Danatec will begin incremental changes and will become a brand under Yardstick Training. Danatec will continue to publish, maintain and create award-winning training under the Danatec name.

With the change also comes a change in leadership. Longtime President and COO, Alina Martin will become Managing Director at Yardstick.

“This has been a work in progress and a huge change for all of us. It’s a new start for all of us,” said Alina Martin after the announcement. “I get to move from the day-to-day operations of Danatec and into something I’m good at – building businesses.”

Alina will be utilizing her skillset to support the growth of Yardstick Training through merger and acquisitions, government and stakeholder relations and business development opportunities. An opportunity that Alina is already well-versed in as she currently maintains active committee member positions on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods and WHMIS discussion panels with the Government of Canada. One of Alina’s most recent acquisition was of ESPS Electrical Safety Program Solutions Inc. in 2017, adding Electrical Safety consulting and products to Danatec’s safety line-up.

Trevor Gartner, President of Yardstick Training, will now be leading the Danatec brand and other vital divisions including RapidLMS and Yardstick eLearning. Trevor previously held the executive position of VP, Platform Strategy and Growth at Yardstick Software Inc. He has held other senior leadership roles including a 2-year tenure at ATB Financial as Managing Director and with Zedi Solutions as Senior Director for over eight years.

Under Trevor’s guidance, the amalgamation of its reimagined eLearning technology, its award-winning eLearning development team and its go to market strategy and growth expertise from our premium OH&S certification titles under the prestigious Danatec brand will expand its content strategy to other key regulated verticals.

“Success is measured by how our customers value our ability to understand, navigate and simplify the intricate and continuously changing rules within the regulated spaces our customers work in,” said Trevor Gartner. “This deep expertise enables us to create the latest certification programs and content that is always trusted on the job site and delivered with the latest and friction minimal LMS technology.”

For questions, sales or consulting, please contact our Customer Service team at 1-800-465-3366.

About Danatec Educational Services Ltd.: Danatec is a world-leading provider of occupational health and safety training and education. From award-winning materials that are easily customizable, to personalized consulting services and training programs tailored to diverse needs, Danatec has everything needed to keep your organization safe and compliant.

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