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The award-winning WHMIS Training gets a refresh

Calgary, Alberta: The award-winning Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Training by Danatec has largely remained unchanged since February 2015 when it incorporated the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) materials.

The 2018 version brings with it new and updated illustrations, graphics and two new scenarios. On top of that is a new look and feel as well as an updated exam. Besides the visual changes, the content that has changed in the WHMIS training is the removal of WHMIS 1988 information as that is outdated or has been largely been incorporated into the 2015 changes.

For many workplaces that deal with hazardous materials, Health Canada has mandated that December 1, 2018, is the deadline to become compliant. The last date on which a controlled product with a WHMIS 1988 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)/label can be sold to your workplace is August 31, 2018. As of September 1, 2018, all hazardous products sold or imported for use in a workplace in Canada must be complaint with WHMIS 2015.

“The pictograms are very easy to identify. The SDS is so easy to follow because any country in the world that belongs to GHS will have the same statement of information in each of the 16 sections and the sections are always in the same order,” said Tracey Thibeau, Senior Safety Advisor for Danatec. “The same goes for the supplier’s label, it will also be consistent in the statements because everyone who has adopted GHS will be using the same information that must go in the Supplier label. This new WHMIS will be very easy to use and understand.”

Offered in both an online and a self-teach method of training, learners will be able to learn the new WHMIS on their own time at their own pace, anywhere and anytime. Danatec encourages employers and employees to proactively take WHMIS before the deadline. By being compliant and safe, workers are more productive and understand the risks behind the materials they are handling. Employers meet their due diligence and set a standard for safety.

The Award-Winning Family of WHMIS Products

  • WHMIS Online Training – The most recognized WHMIS course in Canada that meets all of Health Canada’s training requirements.
  • WHMIS Self Teach – The most recognized Self-Teach WHMIS course book in Canada. Safety training built by safety experts.
  • WHMIS Instructor’s Package – Danatec’s award-winning WHMIS Instructor’s Package has everything you need to teach a compelling and comprehensive WHMIS course.
  • WHMIS Poster – The new WHMIS poster grabs your attention with bold images and is now dry-erase compatible.
  • WHMIS Handbook – The new 64-page WHMIS 2015 Handbook is an excellent tool for every employee who works around hazardous materials.

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