Danatec by We Know Training Hosting Train the Trainer Course

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Designed for individuals responsible for training workers who may be involved in transporting, handling, shipping, receiving or supplying dangerous goods, Danatec by We Know Training will be hosting a 3-day Train the Trainer course on October 28-30, 2019.

Throughout the course, participants will explore in depth the information necessary to become a successful and confident Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) trainer.

Students will also have access to an instructor who possesses 35-years’ experience with the handling of dangerous goods for all three modes of transport, air, marine and ground.

What You Can Expect to Learn

This learning-intensive course is designed to ensure each participant is equipped with the knowledge, understanding and confidence when using the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations.

“Students will obtain information and know-how on all 9 classes of dangerous goods,” said Senior Safety Consultant and Instructor Tracey Thibeau.

“If they are employed with a company, they will have the knowledge of the dangerous good their employees handle, offer for transport or transport. The instructors will also benefit from conversations which take place in this course and receive valuable information from other students’ knowledge on different classes of dangerous goods.”

Each participant will receive a TDG Instructor’s Package, which includes:

  • The TDG regulations
  • A TDG training DVD
  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • 8 TDG handbooks
  • 8 TDG training certificates

Interested in Participating?

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