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A Letter from Terry

Dear Client:

Please be advised that the Danatec Electrical Safety Program “Product in a Box (ESP PIB) document files have been revised, identifying changes to the existing Version and Revision of your Electrical Safety Program.

Your existing Electrical Safety Program Version will be based on the 2015 Edition (or earlier) of the CSA Z462 Workplace electrical safety Standard.  The Danatec Electrical Safety Program templated files have been updated to reflect the new 2018 requirements.  For a generic list of the changes to the CSA Z462 Standard please contact us for a copy of the Danatec Differences Document, CSA Z462, 4th Edition.

Here is a list of the key differences with the 2018 fileset:

  1. The Work Flow Process has been updated and some of the steps reordered.
  2. ESP Section 6.0 has been rewritten to reflect the implementation of the ESP in the Work Flow Process. The detailed technical content for the risk assessment process has been deleted and ESP Appendix E explains the risk assessment process.
  3. CSA Z462, 2018 now requires that the Shock Risk Assessment and Arc Flash Risk Assessment are “true” risk assessments. Danatec has updated Section 6.0 of the ESP providing a detailed overview of the requirements.
  4. Danatec has also now provided a completed Energized Electrical Work Task (EEWT) Risk Register Table (RRT) in an Excel format. This Excel spreadsheet includes individual work tasks Risk Register Tables that are summarized on a single sheet.  A reference is made to this EEWT RRT in ESP Section 6.0.
  5. In ESP Section 6.0 ESP Table 1 has been updated significantly. It is now a detailed reference table for the QEW to reference when assigned energized electrical work tasks.  It becomes the ”Coles Notes” reference for the QEW to:
    1. Provide initial guidance that the work task description will expose them to shock hazards.
    2. Provide initial guidance that the work task description and condition of maintenance of the electrical equipment make it likely that an arcing fault and arc flash could occur.
    3. States the condition of maintenance that is considered for the listed work task description used to determine the Likelihood of Occurrence as YES or NO.
    4. Based on the work task description advise if an EEWP is required.
    5. Advise if an EEJRA will be required to be completed for the work task.
  6. The Energized Electrical Job Risk Assessment (EEJRA) still includes a simplified Risk Register Table and the Electrical Hazard Risk Assessment Matrix.
  7. A detailed overview of the new Electrical Hazard Risk Assessment Matrix and the process of completing the required Risk Assessment Procedure using the Risk Register Table is provided in Appendix E of the Electrical Safety Program.
  8. The “Danatec ESP PIB Implementation Guide” included with the ESP PIB instructional files documentation provides a detailed overview of changes and/or updates to specific Sections of the ESP Main Document, associated Appendices, and Forms & Flow Charts.

Remember, the Danatec Electrical Safety Program is a compliant Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSMS) specific to the electrical hazards of arc flash and shock and thus the “Framework” or “Table of Contents” is comprehensive in nature.  When implemented and audited the Electrical Safety Program provides for sustainable and measurable electrical safety performance.  The Internal Electrical Safety Audit Process question set in included in the Danatec ESP Appendix W.

You are encouraged to utilize Danatec’s Electrical Safety Training System (ESTS) Electrical Worker Canada 2018 e-learning training course for update/refresher training.

Danatec is also available to provide Instructor-led training based on the 2018 Edition of CSA Z462:

  1. 1 Day Low Voltage Arc Flash & Shock Training.
  2. 2 Day Low & High Voltage Arc Flash & Shock Training.
  3. Application Courses in a blended learning model.
  4. Electrical Safety Program Roll Out Training.

If you have any questions please email Danatec at  Danatec will be compiling a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to be distributed to all Danatec ESP PIB clients.

Danatec will notify you regarding our free upcoming Webinars schedule, where I will be presenting topics related to the Electrical Safety Program to assist you in your review.

If desired, at an additional cost, Danatec can provide one or more of the following value-added services:

  • For companies that will adopt the ESP as provided: the ESP main document, 26 Appendix files and Forms & Flow Charts can be simply “branded” with your company logo, company name and an updated copyright statement within the supplied files.
  • For companies that have an existing custom version of the Danatec ESP, 2015 Edition: a redlined file of the changes between your current ESP main document and our new templated version can be generated for you with consulting support from Danatec.
  • For companies that have their own custom ESP, with company-specific document formats, styles, role descriptions or other special requirements/requests: a custom updated ESP file package can be completed for you with consulting support from Danatec.
  • Danatec can provide consulting support to meet with your Electrical Safety Steering Committee (ESSC) and facilitate the meetings in reviewing changes and required updates to your Electrical Safety Program.

Please contact Danatec or its Agent, Unlimited PPE, for a cost estimate on consulting support or instructor-led training.

We appreciate your commitment to electrical safety and a continuous improvement model.


Terry Becker, P.Eng., CESCP, IEEE Senior Member
Senior Vice President, Electrical Safety
Danatec Educational Services Ltd.


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